Tony LaVorgna is... Bebopman!...

The Multi-Layered Jazz Sounds of Tony LaVorgna

Tony LaVorgna learned to play piano at the age of five and saxophone at the age of twelve. Heavily influenced by the recordings of Charlie Parker, Tony became a formidable jazz alto saxophonist by his senior year in high school, but attended an engineering college to please his family and completed one year.

After a stint with the Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra Tony moved to Cleveland and became one of the top jazz musicians in the region. Then in his thirties Tony moved to Atlanta, GA where his recording of Bill Evans compositions received the coveted NARAS award for Best Jazz Group.

Tony spent two years gigging in the jazz clubs of Chicago and then moved to his home state of Connecticut to study with world renowned arranger Bill Finegan. In 2005 Tony wrote a graphic novel and a musical based on his life both called BeboPman! Today, Tony teaches and plays jazz in the New York tri-state area.

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Now playing: "Sarah's Honey Bee"

Track List
1. Sarah's Honey Bee
2. Jeanie's Sax Quartet
3. Christine
4. Dazzling Edges
5. Over Scheduled
6. Nectarine
7. The Flintstone Theme
8. Crystal Silence
9. For Finegan
10. All Over the Place Blues
11. Vinnie’s C Melody Sax
12. McKee’s Blues
13. Popeye, Olive and Bluto

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