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The Tony LaVorgna Big Band And Combo

Adolph Sax could never have conceived the importance of his 1840 hybrid invention. His novel combine of brass and woodwinds would play a major role in just about every musical revolution down through the years. Especially in the "Bebop" movement.

And the "Bebop" movement was exactly what an impressionable young saxophonist named Vincent Anthony (Tony) LaVorgna was closely watching. And weighing the questions...could he master the style and make a career for himself in music?

While juggling academic achievements and "gigging" in small territorial bands in and around the New Haven CT area, Tony found himself practicing ten hours a day. He hoped one day to join the ranks of his heroes... these new legends of "Bop" who by now had carried the "word" to just about every far off corner of the globe. Visionaries like Charlie Parker, Paul Desmond, Julian "Cannonball" Adderly, and Phil Woods.

"I just had to have their albums as soon as they were released" Tony stated in a recent interview. "But what really got me going was a Joe Morello LP with the great Phil Woods, that I bought for my cousin. Needless to say my cousin never got to keep the record! And then I heard the majestic coupling of Nancy Wilson and "Cannonball" Adderly. Single-handedly they elevated the art form to concert hall level. But, I've got to tell you, the one record I whipped to death...and learned the most from, was Charlie Parker's "Now's The Time". Even today, one cannot fathom all the ideas he locked into those grooves".

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Track List
1. Nightcrawler
2. Easy Living
3. The Flintstones
4. Doxy
5. When I Fall In Love
6. I Got Rhythm
7. I Fall In Love Too Easily
8. Dance Samba
9. Now's the Time
10. Inspiration
11. Yardbird Suite
12. Gone With the Wind
13. I Can't Get Started

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