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Lois Gilbert Cookbook
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Lois Emergency Cookbook
by Lois Gilbert

This is a special cookbook for single people and people who hate going to the supermarket. Though each recipe was important in inspiriing me to write this book, the one that started it all was the "Emergency Stringbean Sandwich".

It came about when my boyfriend was expected to visit and I wanted to serve him something special to eat. It was snowing and I didn't feel like going out to the store. I looked around for any food I had in my apartment. There wasn't much but I made do with what I had: stringbeans, hamburger rolls, cheese and mustard. It turned out to be a big success. There were many more occasions when I didn't have much food around and found it challenging to put together odds and ends, leftovers and scraps.

When your cooking dilemma is too little time or not enough food, there is no need to panic. The recipes in The Emergency Cookbook can be a fun solution to your problem. They were for me.

Lois Gilbert

Emergency Cookbook
68 pages
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