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Lois Comics

Lois #2
A New Comic Book by Harvey Pekar &
Lois Gilbert

Lois #2 is the newest edition in the autobiographical comic book series LOIS and continues where the very successful Lois #1 left off (see Lois #1 on this website). Written by former stand-up comedian Lois Gilbert, Lois #2 documents the absurdities, joys and heartaches of a single woman living in modern day America, It includes special sections which are dedicated to the memory of her writing partner graphic novel icon Harvey Pekar,

Lois #2 is illustrated by American Splendor graphic novel series artist Gary Dumm, Indie cartoonist Ryan Alexander -Tanner and DC Comics artist Dean Haspiel.

Ms. Gilbert writes about the ordinary people in her life who are anything but ordinary in the eyes of Ms. Gilbert... Like the time when her former boss at a pizza restaurant cooked manicotti instead of the hamburger that was ordered and she had to serve it to a dismayed customer assuring him that she would sneak out a meatball to make up for the difference... Or her good natured and honest auto mechanic who refuses to fix anything unless it's absolutely necessary with assurances like "it's loose but it's not going to fall off right away" or "if you hear a noise like a baseball card stuck in the spokes of a bicycle wheel then you better bring the car in."

For those of you who are fans of Harvey Pekar you will appreciate Lois's rememberance of the last time she spoke with Harvey a year before he passed away and boyfirend Tony LaVorgna's account of the time Harvey revealed to him how he decided to start writing comic books. Ms. Gilbert's look at the frustrations of dealing with foreign built products and how quickly they break down becomes a dark comedy that we can all associate with.

Lois #2 like Lois #1, is 36 black and white pages long with full color covers and black and white inside covers. It is available at many nationally known graphic novel outlets or from this website..

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