Bebopman Musical
A New Musical
Based On The Life Of Jazz Musician Tony LaVorgna

Bebopman is based on the life of jazz musician Tony LaVorgna. Tony LaVorgna has spent all his life playing and writing jazz and much of it touring with jazz and swing shows. Six years ago he decided to write an autobiography in graphic novel form called "Bebopman" with the help of his stand-up comedian girlfriend Lois Gilbert and his long time friend Cleveland jazz buddy Harvey Pekar of American Splendor comic book fame. In 2007 Tony auditioned for the musical "100 Years Of Broadway" in Bridgeport, CT and was given the opportunity to perform comedy and jazz in the show. By the time the show closed Tony had decided to write his own musical based on his graphic novel. With the encouragement of Mark Grahm, the show's director, Tony began putting the scenes and music together for the show. Tony recruited Lois Gilbert to help him with the non-music part of the book and long time writing associate Alice Schweitzer to help with the lyrics to the songs. Mark Grahm's theater expertise was present throughout the writing process. There were three readings by professional actors during Bebopman's development. The third reading in front of a live audience was extremely well received. At the completion of each reading there were rewrites. Bebopman is currently two 45 minute acts and each scene moves in a new direction as Tony's life evolves. Bebopman is suitable for all age groups and is great family entertainment.

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