Bebopman Musical
A New Musical
Based On The Life Of Jazz Musician Tony LaVorgna

Bebopman is an autobiographical musical based on the life of jazz musician Tony LaVorgna.

Bebopman is both funny and serious and gives insight into what it's like to be a working bebop saxophonist and how it affects the people who are close to him.

The story starts with his mother's reaction to Tony as he changes from her darling young classical pianist into a teenage saxophonist obsessed with sounding like the famous bebop jazz saxophonists of the day.

It continues with his short lived engineering college career where jazz is no longer part of his life.

After quitting college Tony encounters the world's cheapest bandleader, club manager's that don't understand or want to hear any of his music, living in New York City and discovering how his music could give him a reason to live even after the death of his wife.

Tony imagines that he has not become a jazz superstar because he is being punished for his sins in a previous life. In complete frustration at not becoming nationally known Tony writes and performs a song about flying around the universe in his own rocketship giving jazz concerts on other planets.

As the show continues we find Tony in his fifties and still spending most of his spare time looking for bebop gigs. He is tired of not getting anyhere in life and people from the past appear to him in his dreams with advice, including a giant cockroach which his girlfriend claims she saw when they lived together in New York City.
In the end Tony decides to write a comic book about being the "baddest alto in the galaxy" and all are relieved to see a smile on his face again even if it is only a temporary fix.

The musical Bebopman is about every person's frustrations in life and trying to live from day to day without compromising the things that are important. Bebopman is suitable for all ages and is a great family experience.

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